Friday, March 2, 2012

New Oracle ADF E-Learning Course

Self learning is fun. And for all those who enjoy it, there is now an e-learning course on ADF .

Happy Learning.


Monday, March 14, 2011


It’s an Interesting name. Isn’t it. I was searching about open source web frameworks, when I came across Vaadin. Vaadin is a RIA framework build on top of GWT (Google web toolkit). Started learning it with the address book tutorial . I must say, it’s a very impressive tutorial. Next step was to installed Vaadin plugin in eclipse and to create a CRUD application. I kept Vaadin as front end, and Hibernate in spring DAO at the model layer. It took me a while for achieving it. But application was running very smooth. You create your UI windows(pages) using Java API of Vaadin, much like the way you have programmed for your swing applications. At run time, your code gets compiled into java script code. Vaadin provides large set of out of box UI components which can fulfills most of the requirements of your web page. API for Vaadin is well documented and Vaddin book is also avaliable.

To me Vaadin with Hibernate and Spring Dao seems to be a good choice for creating web application for your startup. But still java world miss a light weight web framework which covers all the tiers/layers of the web application. Or might be Java is not at all a platform to create small and mid scale web applications. Time to explore PHP frameworks :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Siebel Self Service 8.1.1

Siebel Self Service is one of the first product from Oracle build on the Oracle fusion middleware platform using ADF10g. Siebel Self service is an extension of the Siebel CRM application to web. I am glad that in our present company, we have done the first ever sucessful implementation. Though the journey of the implementation was very challenging, I enjoyed it alot.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exploring Grails

After a long time, I got some time to blog. In addition to finishing up my current project, I am exploring another web framework Groovy on Garils. This is a type of framework Java community needs from a long time.Though I am still exploring it. I must say, I am pretty much impressed with it. Half the job is done by framework itself. Right from creating database tables, to creating UI pages for basic CRUD operations. Grails is based on the Groovy language.Groovy is an interesting language to learn, and its even supported in JDeveloper 11g. And you can also setup grails in Jdeveloper.Though the Best IDE suggested to use for grails development is Intellij.

In the comming weeks I will start posting some more tutorials on Oracle ADF. Infact, from past few months I explored many java web frameworks(Spring,Seam etc). The more I explored, the more I got confused and messed up. And more I got confidence that Oracle ADF is one of the most stable and easy to learn web framework in Java space.Though many will and still disagree with me.

Happy Learning